A network of alternative services

- since 2013 -

We are expanding our services to provide a range alternatives to main stream products.

Social Network

Informed Planet Social is our flagship product providing a social media alterantive to users, with no data mining, analytics or advertising.

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Our Radio service runs 24/7 and plays a range of music from alterantive artists, also airs live shows, which include discssions and interviews. 

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Before our expansion we had an old social network that we out grew. This is still available for existing memebrs of that service.

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File Share

We are working on a file sharing service to be able to securly transfer files to friends. This is still in progress and coming soon.

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Informed Planet Social

We are creating a whole new platform

with all the features the community have been asking for, after much deliberation it was decided the best thing to do is to create a new network from scratch. 
This is designed on a whole new frame work to ensure security, speed and stablibility whilst giving us access with the features you expect.

Message your friends and chat in real time

You can now share friends posts on to your own feed.

We have implmented a premium gallery so you can easy manage your photos and images.

The new informed planet has a design that is unique, you will not find another site like the new IP.

You can now reply to posts with an image.

We are constantly adding new features and listening to users rquests.

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Informed Planet Radio

Informed Planet Radio runs 24/7 and is driven by member contributions,
from independent music of all genres, original talk shows discussing all topics, book readings, spoken poetry,
great informative interviews and much more.

The Live Room

The live room is our feature show it features Great interviews and chat with varying topics such as Government Tyranny, NWO, Chemtrails/Geo-Engineering, Alien agenda, Energy & Healing, Activism, War, Banking Cartels, Suppression of Knowledge. We’re breaking down world movements and exposing the methods and tactics used for population control and brainwashing of the masses.



Jurica is a Croatian composer, musician, instrument builder and computer technician that lives and works in Knin Croatia. He is not an activist/hacktivist, or a part of any group or movement, just a normal individual that is concerned with path towards which humanity is going right now. In order to create at least some resistance NWO, he believes in putting out ideas and the truth, based on moral and ethical principles, and principle of non violence!



SoniaG is a graphic & web designer who lives in small town coastal Australia, close to nature & the beach. A self-confessed lifestyle junkie she was “never able to stay in a job I hated” and loves working for herself from home. With a passion for cooking & international cuisine Sonia grows a lot of her own. food and loves a decent glass of wine to go with it. She is an avid bird watcher and shares her converted warehouse home with her artist partner & 3 parrots.



Scott Mc is an Australian musician with background knowledge in recording and live sound production, Mechanics, Construction and IT.He is a Freelance Activist involved with bringing awareness in regards to Chemtrails/Geo-Engineering, NWO, Agenda21, the corruption within the medical and mental health systems and the deception by the Government on all levels.Scott is a host on the radio show "the live room"

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