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We are an open format, community funded, free speech, advertising free network without the algorithms & censorship

Community Funded

There is no advertising on Informed Planet, nor is there micro transactions or paid post boosts. All funds to run the site come from donations.


Free Speech

There is no censorship on Informed Planet, the community is an open feed where everyone has a say, also there is no algorithms.


Speak your mind

Informed Planet encourages open discussion on fringe topics that are usually shut down on other main stream social networks.

Featured Groups

  • Anti Vax and Crimes on Human Health
    Information sharing on the safety of vaccines, Big Pharma and the risk to Human health, plus topics on the devastating health effects of war and experimentation on Human beings past and present inc...
  • Raunchy Veggies
    Vegetarian and vegan recipes and food issues. Not too humorless and high-minded. Fun on food but with a serious undercurrent Omnivores and cannibals conditionally welcome (if not pushing a contr...
  • ClimateControl by GeophysicalWarfare
    Dear visitor of the community:if You are a believer in Orgonism, FlatEarth, HollowEarth, Nibiru, Climate Change, Global Warming, Veganism, UFOlogy or any other stupidity, be warned. You are not wel...

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User Submited Blogs

  • Why are so many people so afraid of the truth?
    Why are so many people so afraid of the truth? We have all experienced it. You try to expose a truth to somebody, and they go crazy. Many get offended and call you names. The names the media has...
  • Alt-Right Alt-Left Alt-Stupid
    Alt-Right Remember "Lock her Up"?Remember "The wall and Mexico's going to pay for it"?Remember "Drain the swamp? President's are not ELECTED. They are SELECTED to fulfill the agenda of thei...
  • Michael's Technique of Breath.... for Panic / Anxiety Calming
    try this to calm and bring back down to earth someone with a highly stressed state of mind or mood. 1. Hold their hands in horizontal prayer position, so that you can gauge their tension and...

Recent Topics of Discussion.

  • Awaken to ur power
    I love everyone and a good morning to all my name is La I'm new to this group platform I'm on here to help people that are awake in or wanting to know about the Awakening process or the Ascension p...
  • How to delete account
    There is no privacy and I find randoms messaging me to be invasive, how do I delete my account
  • What is a Tensor Ring?
    What is a Tensor Ring?Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic with an output that is beneficial and healing to all life forms. It is a supercondu...

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