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We are an open format, community funded, free speech, advertising free network without the algorithms & censorship

Community Funded

There is no advertising on Informed Planet, nor is there micro transactions or paid post boosts. All funds to run the site come from donations.


Free Speech

There is no censorship on Informed Planet, the community is an open feed where everyone has a say, also there is no algorithms.


Speak your mind

Informed Planet encourages open discussion on fringe topics that are usually shut down on other main stream social networks.

Featured Groups

  • Raunchy Veggies
    Vegetarian and vegan recipes and food issues. Not too humorless and high-minded. Fun on food but with a serious undercurrent Omnivores and cannibals conditionally welcome (if not pushing a contr...
  • The Dork Table
    A break from the boring federal and state thing. Join us to solve the mysteries of the world or have a spitball contest we never know whats gonna happen.
  • Black Goo
    We are being Mutated!

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User Submited Blogs

  • Why are so many people so afraid of the truth?
    Why are so many people so afraid of the truth? We have all experienced it. You try to expose a truth to somebody, and they go crazy. Many get offended and call you names. The names the media has...
  • Star Children
    HITLER WAS FASCINATED BY BLONDE HAIR AND BLUE EYE'S, WHY should not be the question of the superior race. The Woman's Story: "I'm new to this whole UFO/Alien stuff.. but I will tell y...
  • Free Energy and the illumination..
    Free Energy and the illumination.. There is a push to get you to believe that the only answer to recovering from our national debt to the Vaticanis by using the planets resourc...

Recent Topics of Discussion.

  • fake profiles ? Last Days Documentary of Steven Spielberg
    To whom it may concern ….My Name is Steve Valentin Roberto Maria Cotterli,born Antwerp - Belgium 28/05/1967I have more then sufficient evidence in order to proof, that the Last Days Documen...
  • What is a Tensor Ring?
    What is a Tensor Ring?Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic with an output that is beneficial and healing to all life forms. It is a supercondu...

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