Why are so many people so afraid of the truth?

Why are so many people so afraid of the truth?
We have all experienced it. You try to expose a truth to somebody, and they go crazy. Many get offended and call you names. The names the media has taught them, such as conspiracy nut, anti-this, or much worse. Notice how they belittle you as if you are stupid and ignorant. It's disheartening, to say the least. Why even bother?
So many people can not see even the most obvious of truths. The number of individuals that still believe the atrocities of 9/11 were committed by 19 "terrorists" with box cutters? Never mind that thousands of architects, engineers, researchers and pilots have actually shown that the official story is incorrect. I guess these people have also forgotten how the banks ripped everyone off for trillions of dollars, making millions of people homeless, lost their pensions or their life savings, and after that had the taxpayers bear the cost, while the banks are still doing the very same criminal activities. The number of people that still safeguard GMO foods and vaccinations? The number of individuals that do not believe in geoengineering? They will respond to you that they are simply contrails from jets. I ask, "So where are these aircrafts flying to?" The number of people still believe that fluoride is good for you, or any of the poisonous food ingredients? The list is so long and so many things are so blatantly obvious, yet the masses stay ignorant. There are so many really obvious deceptions, yet they choose not to see them. So who is stupid now? It is rather absurd when you think about it. So why do they refuse to even accept the most obvious of deceptions?
We must initially consider that everyone is programmed from birth, by parents, family, culture, faith, citizenship, school and more. The majority of individuals are getting their programs restarted constantly through the media, education and the governments. Everybody is persuaded to believe whatever their accepted authorities inform them. Thus they establish their belief systems accordingly. These programs have a protected software, so the deluded individual will react negatively to any details that challenge these false beliefs. Their automated response is to get mad and attack the new info, and the messenger that offers it. These programs have been acting upon each person for a long time. Therefore each person has actually found his or her comfort zone, where they feel safe. Never mind that the comfort zone is based upon lies and deception. Those that are deluded by the programs can not see this. They truthfully believe that these programs, and their comfort zone, are the fact.
For somebody who has awakened, these programs seem absurd. It is quite disconcerting to watch grown adults completely hypnotized by these programs, specifically given that many of them can be destroyed by a little analytical and rational reasoning, along with some independent research. Yet those that are hypnotized will choose to not do either of these. This is our world at this point in time.
The controllers of the programs also manage the story, so if anybody confronts or opposes the narrative, they are shamed, slandered, marginalized or even worse. They can lose their livelihood, social standings, friends and even their freedom. Yes, people are sent to prison for confronting the narrative. Whenever you hear that "the science has actually been settled" you can count on it being a lie. Science is never settled, because there are constantly new findings. The narrative informs you exactly what you can and can not say, and what you should think. They impart worry and fear in people to never get out of the box that they have been put in. This is prevalent in politics, religious beliefs, society, culture, science and so on.
So individuals are very afraid to even consider that there is something really wrong. If they begin questioning the narrative, there will be consequences. When you pull on one thread of the misleading narrative, the entire thing collapses. Other strings end up being visible, and each string that is pulled ruins each story. The programs collapse. Such forbidden activities don’t just destroy the programs, they take the individual out of their comfort zone; and individuals are very attached to their comfort zones, whether it be political, spiritual, social, scientific or others. Fear of stepping out of one's comfort zone is a powerful defense against hearing the truth about this reality.
Suddenly, the recently awakened finds him or her self in a topsy turvy world where he sees the deceptions all over. Now they feel isolated from his household, friends, society, and the world. If they speaks with others about what they have awakened to, they will react with anger, fear, hostility and contempt. They will express their set reactions, and the individual will be slandered, ridiculed, belittled and shunned. Friends and family quickly avoid the individual, leaving them marginalized at best. No more comfort zone. Too many individuals become scared when they start questioning their false beliefs, and consequently hurry back into their comfort zone, unwilling to proceed any further.
But exactly what is more crucial, living in a comfort zone of lies and deceptiveness, or understanding reality? The awakening process is not a simple task. It ruins the non-truth, which implies the entire world paradigm. It means the destruction of all the programs that have been installed from birth and continuing to today. This can be accomplished one step at a time, or in one giant jump. In either case, it is the only way to actually experience what reality really is. You can’t hang on to the lies and expect to be able to perceive the reality. The lies must be given up; and that means practically giving up everything you have been taught and come to believe.
The majority of people will never question their reality. They are too attached to their comfort zones. And even if their comfort zones collapse, instead of questioning the perceived reality, they will aim to reconstruct their comfort zone, or discover a new one. There isn't much one can do to change this situation. The majority of people have no interest in awakening to reality. Instead of wasting your energy aiming to convince them that their lives are a lie, your energy is much better directed to those that have actually started questioning their truth. This is a much better way to approach the madness.
Luke Bennett
Posted in General on November 16 at 03:44 PM

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