Omni. The keeper of all. The everything




Omni is a prefix. It means All, Everything. We use the word omni in front of other words, to expand their meaning. OmniPotent, All Powerful. OmniPresent, In Everything. OmniScient, All Knowing. But could it be that Omni is a notion, a plane, a dimension in it self? The All & Everything?



Omni. The abstract plane of everything, even of nothing?



Omni. The notion of an everything. Of a space, a dimension of all there is and all there possible could be, where all outcomes and perceptions coexist in an overwhelming, abstract, incomprehensible state of orderly confusion. Not a One, but an All, an Everything. The great diversity.



You are the creator of your own visible universe.



We are all the center of our own visible universe. It is from our own beings we see and experience all. We are all the creator of our own reality. And as such, we all take part in creating multi realities, simply by being, perceiving and interacting with the world is around us. One could say that we all create a mirrored image, our own mirrored image. But then a mirrored image of what? Might we talk about an OmniReality? A reality that holds all realities. Not simply The One True Reality, but an OmniReality. An abstract, complex, all embracing plane, The OmniReality. Maybe that is what we all mirror, when we through interaction create our own reality?



Speaking poetically, the tenth dimension is like
white noise, an endless field of all colours and vibrations blurred
together, balanced and enfolded into a perfect symmetry. Because it
encompasses all possible realities without delineation between those
realities, it is like a void: a big beautiful zero that is full rather
than empty.”

Rob Bryanton, Imagining The Tenth Dimension.



We all have our own truths. One truth, my truth, your truth. Multi truth, several truths. OmniTruth, every truth. We live in a realm of multi truths, once in a while my truth will merge with your truth, and we hold an agreed truth, two truths merged as one. We use truth to lean on, so we can navigate and practice our inner ethics. We look for agreement to find affirmation. The affirmation that gives us the valuable notion of being right, gives us the direction to chose when navigating through the vast choices life holds. When making a choice, we seem to ask, what would other people who looks like me, do in this situation.


The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.”


Niels Bohr



And so we often seek to either merge our truths in consensus, or even to dominate other truths with our own. But could there not be right without wrong? Just as our reality, could we not see truth as a subjective mirror of an Omnitruth? A slice of a bigger, higher, profound, abstract truth? Could we perhaps find the objective truth in this abstract every truth understanding, let go of the right and wrong? And simply enjoy the flavors of each others experienced truths? I will claim, that by locking yourself down to a simple notion of The Truth, you close down your own ability to experience all the wonderful nuances of life. Of humanity. Of your universe!



But by surrendering your mind to the idea of a profound agnosticism, by giving up on the conclusion, the diversity of OmniTruth is open for you to dive into and experience.


OmniLove. All Love. Every Love. The Love within all. Love as an OmniPotent, OmniPresent force. Could there be such a force?


The force of OmniLove. Not One Love, not MultiLove, but OmniLove. The sum of all possible displays, actions, energies and forces of Love. And when we give Love, receive Love, share Love, act Love, create Love and are embraced by Love, we are mirroring and drawing upon the force of OmniLove?



The widespread idea that we all share One Love. I suggest OmniLove, not One, but All Love, Every Love coexisting in an abstract force or plane of creation. All existing within the Omni. Could we by seeing that force of creation that drives all Life, as an abstract OmniLove, a representation of All and Every.



Love, as a Love vibrating with every vibration possible, understand that we all coexist in the plane? That we are all connected to that OmniLove, and we all have the gift of using it, mirroring it, creating our Love from it. That when we try to Love, we don't. And when we Love, we don't try. We simply mirror the OmniLove that connects you, me and all living beings.

Simply connect to all Life, and vibrate.

Are we all One?


Or are we all within and from the Omni?


Connected through the vibrating diversity?

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