The same above and below.

Things that make life possible that are severely over looked.

We live in an electric universe, there is no such thing as gravity only spherical electrical bubbles around stars that science calls magnetic fields, ionosphere, stratosphere and magnetosphere.  all a part of the same electrical bubble around this planet and all others. FIRST came the sonic blast that ripped the fabric of space

Current is the nature of our electric universe, this electricity is caused by the friction of sonic blasts in the vacuum of space as it rips apart the vacuum creating this electrical discharge and its light.. Sonoluminescence is the key to life and its light from outer space. First came the WORD, then came the light.
Now the physical part of DNA is thought to be a evil word. The light-bringer was named Lucifer.

Luciferin (from the Latin lucifer, "light-bringer") is a generic term for the light-emitting compound found in organisms that generate bioluminescence. Luciferins typically undergo an enzyme-catalysed oxidation and the resulting excited state intermediate emits light upon decaying to its ground state. This may refer to molecules that are substrates for both luciferases and photoproteins

So are you not capable of both good and bad deeds? No devil in my mind, but I would think the average person would think of evil.
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