The Voices of the Orb World A.K.A. Spirit.

The Voices of the Orb World, It only makes sense that the nature of the suns shortwave radio frequency is picked up by this experiment, Orbs are conscious reflections of the suns energy and the sun is the communicative pathway of these signals. FACT: The Sun gives off tonnes of Shortwave radio signals. I KNOW THIS TO BE REAL. Your brain works between these same frequencies and you are a diet damaged antenna. The Pineal gland is the frequency vibration transceiver. Society Has turned it into a disease right down to its need for chlorine and fluoride in tap water and bottled water parts per million, to the 90% pesticides that contain Fluoride. DUMB DOWN FOR PROFIT.

" life does not finish on earth when you die, don’t forget this.
There will be a new world. Put away your uncertainties, your doubts, your anxieties. Dear children, look at me, I am alive here". - An actual voice from the other side of death.

Marcello Bacci of Grosseto, Italy began to dial in spirit voices through his vacuum tube radio in the 1960s through an experiment known as the Direct Radio Voice Method (DRV). DRV is a method that seeks to obtain anomalous communications directly through the loudspeakers of radios.

Bacci’s early experiments were carried out using the same methodologies as famous experimenters of the time such as Friedrich Jürgenson and Konstantin Raudive.

Frequently the entities contacted are able to refer to listeners by name, respond to questions directly and give detailed information to loved ones, which it's claimed only their deceased relatives could have known. Bacci’s experiments are carried out in the presence of many people, in his home, sometimes up to as many as 70 at a given time. For those who attend his sessions, there is no doubt at all that they are in direct communication with someone in the spirit world as they claim their voices are instantly recognizable.

To hear the spirit voices, Marcello constantly adjusts the knobs as he tunes into the white noise of the shortwave band (between 7 – 9 megahertz).
He tunes into the white noise which is band free. By turning the knobs to just the right FREQUENCY, spirit voices can be heard coming through the speaker and giving messages. The participants can often immediately detect it is the voice of their loved one. The communication can vary from as short as 10 seconds to a maximum of four minutes. The spirit voices are clear and differ from each other acoustically, then once communication has ended, the normal static of the radio returns back to a regular radio.


The Spirit Radio baffling scientists...


March 5, 2017


Jayne Harris




In the 1860s, Scottish physicist, James Clerk Maxwell predicted the existence of radio waves. 30 years later in 1895 an Italian inventor named Guglielmo Marconi proved that radio communication was possible by sending and receiving the first radio signal in Italy.  

Less than 10 years later, in 1902 Marconi flashed the first successful transatlantic radio telegraph message from England to Newfoundland (America) and from that moment the world would never be the same. Suddenly we had a way of communicating in real time, with someone thousands of miles away. As wondrous as this was, many people could never have imagined that radio waves would eventually support contact with other ranges of human consciousness, including that of the spirit world.   Please Continue Reading the Original Article by following the link below.
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