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The Man who Walks in the Shadows

Who is the man, what is his reason,
With his arms outstretched and beckoning,
He reaches for the warmth that would bring comfort to his soul,
For the light that would allow his eyes to see again,
The happiness that would make his spirit alive,
Questions, so many questions plague his mind,
He aches and struggles to find what is his destiny,
A story that was written of him along time ago,
He walks in history; it has all been done before,
As the door opens to him does he step through?
As he walks in his dreams, when will he ever awaken?
Will his purpose finally be illuminated in his mind?

Ah, great is the journey he has embarked upon,
One that takes him wherever his mind will go,
There are no boundaries, for his mind knows no borders.
All his life is consumed by a choice between good and evil.
A burden that suffocates his soul,
It casts shadows on the meaning of his existence.
What is he to do, what will be his guide, when will he find his way?

He yearns to be free, free to just live in peace with himself and his existence.
To embrace all who come to him with a clear mind and a joy of life.
Who is the man? He seems a lot like me, and maybe a lot like you.
He calls out to something he cannot see, he finds strength in a feeling.
He cannot touch it, he cannot hold it and yet he knows its there.
What he seeks has nothing to do with good or evil,
But how he will live the life he was given.

Posted in Philosophy on March 05 at 05:08 PM

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