This is when MK Ultra invaded Vancouver, B.C. with the Homo LSD experiments.

David Dawson Architect ... was / is a CIA LSD mind control op who took the LSD option for the mind control experiments in New Westminster at Hollywood Hospital at 4th ave and 6th st in an old mansion that was there. 
 He brought the Cali Fornicate Ya style homes that they were also building on the farm lands in Cal for the aerospace industry and the RAND Corp. This is more evidence of a structured long term plan spanning the last 50+ yrs. with the mind control and the Homo and Pedo  program. He trapped and molested me right after he finished the LSD therapy. At 1:30 on the vid he describes the houses that"Daisy" he was known in by in the OAkalla Prison....started building here...California flat roofed houses in a fukn rain Forrest. LONG TERM PLANS!
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