The Great Fire Of London 1666 and the LEGAL FICTION

Pudding Lane, where the bakery was set alight.  The Great Plague was a terrible event too, as well as The Great Fire Of London in which started on Oct 2nd 1666.

When London was burning, Parliament (Westminster) was making changes, like the Subrogation on men and woman’s rights.  There was an act passed, while London was burning,  Act - STATUTE.  

Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 being put on the STATUTE books, while London was on fire.

All the men and woman, of the UK were declared dead and lost beyond the seas.  That means, the STATE took everybody and everybody’s property into trust.  The STATE became a trustee husband.  TheSTATE then took control, by the presumption that everyone was dead, until a any living man or woman comes back and claims their titles.  When they do prove that, they are alive then the titles can be revested and they can claim.  “We are Dead“.  

Because we didn’t claim titles back after 7 years, after you were born, otherwise you are dead beyond reasonable doubt.  Then you didn’t claim, the STATE takes your property and your body into trust, as it says in the STATUTES.  This is the Beginning of a LEGAL FICTION of a DEAD ENTITY.  The LEGAL FICTION is a construct on PAPER.  So when you get a Bill or a Summons from a COURT, its always for theLEGAL FICTION in CAPITAL LETTERS.  Moudes Maine, (I am sure i spelt that wrong) Probate, Death.  So the STATE or theCORPORATION that writes to you in CAPITAL LETTERS, is writing to the DEAD LEGAL FICTION.  The mother gives “BIRTH” from her “BERTH” Canal.

You then become a VESSEL-Ship, floating on the seas of commerce.  You have a {BIRTH CERTIFICATE-BERTH CERTIFICATE} just like a ships BERTH CERTIFICATE.  An ACTOR in COMMERCE.  Which you registered with the local church your birth, then you had a copy of that when you left.  

The change over from the church’s to register, a child to REGISTERING in COMMERCE was about 1837, Births, Deaths and Marriages Act.  The post of Registrar General came into being, and his job was to collect all of the records from all of the churches. 
REGIS-REGISTER, The Queen or the Crown.  Children are property of the Crown, the LEGAL FICTIONS are.  The Registrar General holds everybody in custody. 

Everyone who is the UK- Citizen, REGISTERED with a PASSPORT,NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER, etc is in custody.  This System is aFICTION, Created from the original system of “The Great Fire Of London 1666“.  FRAUDENTLY! From a STATUTE ACT, and not LAW, and in conclusions to this, in that all, men and woman on this earth, who are born within this {BIRTH CERTIFICATE-BERTH CERTIFICATE} are the rightful owners of their property, they are 100% SOVEREIGN on this earth.  Without any question.   The system needs to be restored.  A CORPORATE ENTITY is a BENEFIT PRIVILAGE to the STRAWMAN or LEGAL FICTION.  Everyone who works for a CORPORATION, that’s your LEGAL FICTION working, not the REAL MAN or REAL WOMAN, so now the CORPORATION has a duty to pay that LEGAL FICTION and not the REAL PERSON.
This is where the REAL MAN or REAL WOMAN cannot object with their pay, because its not you they are paying, it’s the DEAD FICTIONAL ENTITY. 

- Welcome To The Real World -
EXAMPLE 1. You work - the REAL MAN, but the DEAD LEGAL FICTION (Paper) doesn’t because its DEAD (Paper), but the CORPORATION (Paper) which is DEAD too, the CORPORATION (Paper) still pays the DEAD LEGAL FICTION (Paper), and not you the REAL PERSON, MAN because that’s how it is works.
A FICTION (Paper) can only work with  another FICTION (Paper),  which are DEAD ENTITY’S (DEAD Paper).
REAL MAN or REAL WOMAN does not do what a CORPORATION says, otherwise that makes them SLAVES in COMMERCE .
EXAMPLE 2. Only REAL MAN or REAL WOMAN work with REAL MAN or REAL WOMAN, and not CORPORATIONS, that’s the difference.
So now, when a REAL MAN or REAL WOMAN goes on a strike, why are they going on strike? is not for you, the real Man or Woman.  ANSWER: Its for the FICTIONAL ENTITY. 
You strike for your FICTIONAL ENTITY, it gets paid by the FICTIONAL CORPORATIONS.
PAPER CONTRACTS  can only work with other PAPER CONTRACTS.  If you accept, then you agree to be a DEAD FICTIONAL ENTITY, working for a DEAD CORPORATION, not a REAL MAN or REAL WOMAN, you become a DEAD ENTITY too, and collect PRIVILEGES, WAGES, PAY.

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