How can you WORK if your dead - Cestui Que Vie Act 1666

Remember this is a spiritual world of the good and of the bad, if you cannot get this idea into your head, then you won't understand about anything real and fictional and how things work.

Legal Law or so called Fictional Law, is for dead people only.  Are you dead in court, can you or will you be heard?
In 1666, the fire of london, their was an act, that was written and placed on the law books, called the "Cestui Que Vie Act".  This act claimed everyone in london, dead, obviously at the time there would have been people living in their homes, or somewhere on the land.

The act must of ignored the fact that these people were still live, and the legal people knew it, and just refused to acknowledge it, and just proclaimed everyone dead to keep the legal people happy, no matter what it did the living people of that time.

So now, fast forward a few hundred years too the present day, if that was the case then, in 1666, that will still be the case now, because thatact in 1666 never went away, it is still on the law books. either in that original act or another act.

You could say, their are dead people working, crazy, but true.

That would be a treasonous act, or witchcraft, because you are dead, and you don't realize who you are.

If you were proclaimed dead in law, then you had children, then they be born dead too, they got a job, they would be dead workers.  

That's is Necromancywitchcraft.

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